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Photovoltaics with SunEnergy Europe

Based in Hamburg, SunEnergy Europe GmbH operates internationally as a photovoltaics specialist. The owner-operated company has over 14 years of experience in the development, planning and construction of large roof-top and ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants. Here at SunEnergy Europe, we have a multidisciplinary team that acts as a driving force behind renewable energy and continuously develops new tailored solutions for our customers.

Convinced by photovoltaics

SunEnergy Europe was founded out of the conviction that the endless supply of solar energy will become an important pillar of the energy supply system of the future. Every day, photovoltaic systems of all shapes and sizes the world over are bringing us one step closer to independence from fossil fuels. This basic notion is central to our company history and remains fresh in our minds during our day-to-day work. Originally founded as a consulting firm, SunEnergy Europe initially served as a wholesaler of photovoltaic systems for the North German market. Gradually, trading PV components and system solutions became more important and a partner network was established. At the same time, the business stepped up its expertise as a general contractor and project developer for roof-top and ground-mounted solar power plants with multimegawatt capacities.

Our solar power portfolio

Building on SunEnergy Europe’s many years of experience in solar power, we are constantly expanding our services for photovoltaic systems. We offer services in operation and maintenance and mobile module reading, not to mention a range of planning and consulting services. Our surveyors are certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and carry out analyses and surveys to ensure your investment’s reliability.
Today, we offer solar power solutions and services for photovoltaic systems of all sizes: PV solutions for residential properties as well as for commercial and industrial roofs, planning and development of ground-mounted solar power plants with a megawatt capacity and an extensive range of services to ensure optimal yield and system operation.

Paving the way to a sustainable energy supply system

Here at SunEnergy Europe, working towards a sustainable future is essential, but the route we take to achieve this is equally important. For this reason, we make an effort to close circuits, save resources and make socially responsible decisions every day. We see ourselves and our work as a key building block of a new, sustainable energy supply system.