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A comprehensive range of planning services for your photovoltaic system

Are you on the lookout for a competent and experienced partner to plan your photovoltaic system? Then you’ve come to the right place! With more than 13 years’ experience, SunEnergy Europe successfully manages PV projects along every step of the way.

PV system planning, consultation and design

As a general contractor, we – together with our partners – have already developed, planned and implemented more than 260 MWp of photovolatics worldwide. Your project is in safe hands with us! You can find a range of our testimonials here.

Entrust your solar power plant to our all-round experts or choose individual services from our diverse planning and service portfolio:


Is smart and sustainable energy more than just an empty phrase for you? Do you want to optimize your company's energy consumption? Or are you working on a new energy conception for an urban district? We find the right energy solution that suits your demand.

Based on your specific requirements and consumption data, we prepare a concept to optimize your energy demand. We create feasibility studies and self-consumption analyses, uncover potentials for optimization and design an energy supply system to match your specific load and demand profile.

At SunEnergy Europe, you will also find answers for novel issues: independent power supply of individual homes and urban districts, off-grid systems and power plant designs. And - we are by no means limited to PV: Talk to us about hybrid concepts which combine PV and wind energy, PV and diesel generators and storage systems. Your ideas are the foundation for our fully integrated solution!


Preliminary design

The conception sketched out in the first steps is refined in the preliminary planning process. Based on the established criteria, there is a preselection of the components to be used. We then sketch out a draft planning and preliminary plant layout according to your specifications. In addition, we examine the feasibility according to the prevailing regulations and local conditions: Which guidelines must be followed during construction or operation? How complex is the implementation? Which alternatives are worth taking a look at?

To conduct a profitability analysis, we look at the raw data and analyze existing figures, estimated costs and potential investment plans. As project sponsor, you get a comprehensive overview of all costs, the necessary investment, and payback period. And you will know about your benefits exactly!


Execution Planning

Who is in charge of what, when, and how? To clarify the necessary steps for the project realization, SunEnergy Europe draws detailed design plans for every contract work section concerned. Thus, we ensure a high quality project level and an efficient implementation at the same time while providing maximum transparency for the project sponsor.

You will receive detailed documentation for the realization of the individual construction stages including module allocation, wiring diagram and all necessary detailed drawings. This is a tool for you to monitor individual phases of the project and keep track of the total costs at all times.


Learn more about the SunEnergy Europe planning services.