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PV solutions to fulfil every need: simple, cost-efficient and reliable

Meet your own electricity requirements and avoid being affected by rising electricity prices! SunEnergy Europe develops tailored solar power solutions for any roof type. Based on electricity demand and load profile, we offer photovoltaic systems as complete, customised packages for both residential and commercial properties. Save money with PV: simple, cost-efficient and reliable.

Our PV solutions are tailored to meet your needs, electricity demand and requirements. Generate solar energy on your own roof to cover your own power consumption. Our complete PV packages are designed for high levels of on-site consumption and may be used in combination with a storage system or on their own. The more energy consumed on site, the more you can save on electricity costs, making you largely independent from your electricity supplier and rising costs.

Solar power for residential properties

Our pre-assembled Solar Home Kits for residential property owners come in four different sizes, making them suited to your electricity demand and roof size. Easy to use, they represent an affordable investment to secure you against rising electricity prices.

Reduce your operating costs: solar power for commercial roofs

SunEnergy Europe develops and plans tailor-made PV solutions for your business, taking care of all required components as well as operation and maintenance and monitoring (optional). Depending on your company's electricity demand and load profile, we compile high-quality complete packages for installation by our specialist partner. Reduce your operating costs: safe, quick and cost-efficient!