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PV solutions for residential properties: the Solar Home Kit

Independence from rising electricity prices: generate your own solar power with the Solar Home Kit from SunEnergy Europe. Our Solar Home Kit is designed and pre-assembled for various roof sizes and load profiles. Simple, cost-efficient and reliable. Are you interested in joining us as a trade partner and selling Solar Home Kits in your area? Get in touch!

Simple: it comes with everything you need

The Solar Home Kit comes in four different sizes, suited to your electricity consumption and roof size. Every kit comes with the perfect combination of high-quality components. What’s more, they are all backed by warranties, maintenance, repair and insurance services. We also offer an optional compatible energy storage system. What do you have to do? Nothing. Simply order your Solar Home Kit from one of our trade partners. A local specialist will then install and connect it. It integrates seamlessly into your roof, increasing your property’s value at the same time.

Cost-efficient: electricity for a maximum of 19 cents per kWh

Reduce your long-term energy costs and use environmentally-friendly electricity from your own roof! A SunEnergy Europe Solar Home Kit gives you lasting control over your electricity costs. For example, if your electricity demand is about 4,500 kWh per year and your roof is about 35m² in size, we would recommend the M Solar Home Kit  (with an average solar irradiance of around 850 kWh/kWp per year). The Solar Home Kit on your roof generates power for at least 20 years for a maximum of 18 cents per kWh.

Reliable: become independent and save money in the long-term

Our Solar Home Kits are designed for a high level of on-site consumption, making you largely independent from rising electricity prices. You may use the electricity generated on your roof to power your washing machine, television or even your electric vehicle. What’s more, the power that you don’t consume on site can be stored. It’s that simple! Alternatively, you can feed surplus power into the public grid. In any case, you will reduce your electricity costs in the long term and become independent from your electricity supplier’s future price rises. Benefit from our many years of experience with solar power systems and from the quality of our products!

Fully-integrated energy concept

Electricity is not just about light or running a washing machine - why not use solar power to heat your building? Modern energy solutions make it happen: a clever combination of a solar power system, a storage battery and a heat pump make for a holistic and clean energy supply in your home or business. The more energy you produce and consume yourself, the bigger the savings on your energy bill!


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