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Mobile quality control for photovoltaic systems: Read and check modules directly on site

We uncover damage and output losses in PV modules!

There are many possible reasons as to why your solar power plant is not generating the yields expected of it on a sunny day. Output losses can often be traced back to the smallest of faults in the PV modules, which are not immediately obvious. These include microcracks in the solar cells caused by the improper handling of PV modules, transportation damage that goes unnoticed and manufacturing faults. In order to minimise output losses and ensure continuously high yields, SunEnergy Europe uncovers what’s going on behind the scenes of your PV plant.

Mobile quality control by SunEnergy

We use our mobile PV test centre to carry out comprehensive quality control. In addition to taking comprehensive power measurements, we test your PV modules thoroughly and objectively for any possible connection faults, microcracks or hotspots. For more information, please take a look at our mobile quality control information sheet.

Quality control services are advisable in the following cases:


    • creating yield reports, in the event of insurance claims or during bankability and due diligence testing
    • inspecting incoming goods as they arrive at your warehouse
    • inspecting components to be fitted to your plant directly on site
    • carrying out fault analysis in problematic cases
    • performing rotational inspections and continuous analyses

    Mobile PV test centre

    Our mobile PV test centre, a module laboratory on wheels, allows us to read and check modules all over Europe. Using a high-performance LED flasher, we determine the current output of your PV modules. Our testing services also include STC measurements, I-V curve measurements und more. Faults in a PV module’s cell structure that cannot be detected by visual inspection become visible with an electroluminescence camera (EL camera). Thermal imaging uncovers hotspots and other defects which could cause a reduction in output or a dangerous amount of heat to be generated. Meanwhile, modern measuring methods, such as mobile EL imaging and aerial thermal imaging taken from an octocopter, are used to carry out indicative preliminary examinations, providing a quick overview of any faults affecting your photovoltaic system’s yield.