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Photovoltaics with SunEnergy – we develop, plan and implement your PV project

As experts in photovoltaics with more than 14 years of experience, SunEnergy takes care of all the services required by your solar power plant. We develop, plan and construct large roof-top photovoltaic systems, as well as implementing ground-mounted solar parks and those on redeveloped brownfield sites. Working alongside local authorities and private investors, we have already managed many PV projects with megawatt capacities. SunEnergy Europe is your experienced PV specialist for the development, planning and implementation of photovoltaics projects. For a look at a small selection of the PV projects we have implemented as a general contractor or project developer, please visit our references page. We also take care of all the planning services required by your photovoltaic system.

Project development for photovoltaic systems

Our services in the area of project development comprise all project phases, starting with surveying possible sites. We take care of all licences, planning processes and reports, remove any hazardous waste and draw up contracts to secure supply lines. In addition, we create schedules and plan the investments for and financing and costs of your solar park.

We construct your PV project

As a general contractor, we take care of all planning services for your PV project and make sure they are implemented in a professional and timely manner. With outstanding technical plant designs and a range of first-class components, the quality of your system is guaranteed to generate the highest yields. Our project managers are on hand during the entire construction phase, co-ordinating all of the work being carried out on site, while experienced subcontractors assist us during the mounting and installation stages. We prefer to work with local companies, as this allows us to help our region make a significant contribution to the value chain. Our long-standing experience as a trading company has enabled us to cement many solid relationships with manufacturers of all the components we require, guaranteeing an excellent price-performance ratio and on time deliveries. We manage your photovoltaics project right up to completion and guarantee high yields with our operation and maintenance service. As well as quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness, SunEnergy Europe strives to produce exceptionally designed roof-top plants that are sophisticated in terms of their aesthetic and architectural features, while our ground-mounted plants are constructed in an environmentally friendly manner and integrate well into their natural surroundings.

Our planning services – expertise, experience and competency for your solar power plant

Benefit from our comprehensive range of planning services for the construction and planning of your solar power plant, which are offered alongside our services as a general contractor. Our field-tested expert knowledge is available every step of the way, from the preliminary design stage to the drafting of tender documentation. Our extensive portfolio of planning services also includes feasibility studies and analyses of on-site consumption, as well as calculations to optimise usage and consumption and the conceptual design of hybrid systems.