German Renewables Award 2013 goes to … Dr. Westphalen of SunEnergy Europe!

Applause accompanies Dr. Hartwig Westphalen on his way on stage to accept his lifetime achievement award. “I feel very honoured about this prize”, Westphalen says with a bright smile, although he adds, “But must admit that I find the “lifetime achievement” category a bit confusing at the same time – I would say that my life’s work has only just begun!”

Westphalen is founder and owner of SunEnergy Europe GmbH. The Hamburg, Germany based company has more than 12 years of experience in the solar energy busines from project development, plant design to a wide variety of O & M services. Westphalen himself is a physicist by trade and was drawn towards the solar energy’s potential early in his career. He is convinced that Renewable Energy plays a key role to make for a liveable future on planet. Solar energy, according to Westphalen, is not only the foundation for the energy turnaround, but a pacemaker for it as well. His vision? A 100% renewable energy generation!

The ceremony, taking place for the second time this year, was the evening highlight to round off the „German Renewables“ conference in Hamburg on the panoramic deck of the Emporio Tower in the middle of the city. The jury, made up of renowned scientists and economic experts, chose among numerous entries in the three categories project of the year, innovative product of the year and lifetime achievement.

A „quiet trailblazer“, the jury puts it, Westphalen has „contributed largely to solar energy’s economic success. “Westphalen“, the jury continues, “has the kind of outstanding personality that it takes to find unconventional solutions to go all the way towards a 100% renewable energy future.” Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege (B.A.U.M. e.V.) who gave the speech in honour of Dr. Westphalen’s lifetime achievement, described him as a “peak performer”, pointing out

qualities such as courage, endurance, and last but by no means least, enthusiasm. Hinting at the ongoing controversial issue of Germany’s energy market, Gege pointed out that, „Hartwig Westphalen and solar power is what we need instead of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Northrine-Westphalia) with RWE and coal power!”

Westphalen is an expert in the solar energy business. From his point of view, photovoltaics have currently reached a crucial point: “All over the world we will see a large expansion of solar energy within the next few years. Germany has played a key role in terms of being a trailblazer for the implementation of photovoltaics.” According to Westphalen, it is highly important, however, not to lose the aim of a 100% energy turnaround in Germany out of sight. „It is our decision whether we commit ourselves to shape the global energy development with all our strength or whether we chose to stand aside and watch others go ahead with it. I see an unlimited potential for an international sustainability cooperation.” Looks like there is still a lot to do for the award winner and his lifetime work!




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