The Sun rises in the North

Thursday, July 7th saw the official opening ceremony of a 2.3 MWp solar power park in the village of Klixbuell, close to the Danish border. Despite its reputation for bad weather, Northern Germany’s  geographical situation proves to be ideal for PV power: for several months now, the solar installation that was finished by end of 2010 has been carrying record-breaking yields. Despite poor weather conditions with ice and snow, the installation was completed in time. Main construction work was done in December 2010 under the pressure of an alteration in the German “Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz“ (EEG, Renewable Energy Act): Klixbuell was one of the last ground mounted installations to be realized on former farm land. Had the construction not met the December 31st deadline, no feed-in tariff would have been paid, thus threatening the € 6 m investment.


Zehntausende Demonstranten forderten am Samstag in Berlin: „Energiewende nicht kentern lassen!“[more]


SunEnergy Europe unterstützt die Erneuerbaren Lesetage in Hamburg[more]


SunEnergy Europe’s Joint Venture WEnergy has completed its first roof-mounted PV installation in Manila, Philippines. The utility Gigawatt Power on whose roof high up on the 6th floor the modules were mounted now uses the free...[more]


Stadtwerke, die dem Trianel-Netzwerk angehören, profitieren von den Energiepaketen der SunEnergy Europe.[more]


... lösen Sie unser Weihnachtsrätsel und unterstützen Sie ein Solarprojekt![more]

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