Solar Power Plants

Development, planning and realisation of PV Power Plants

Scope of Services

Conception, Planning, Realization, O&M

SunEnergy Europe – your photovoltaic systems experts

We have been your reliable partner for solar power in Germany and Europe for over 14 years. SunEnergy Europe takes care of your photovoltaic system from yield analysis to plant management. As general contractors and experts with experience in the field of project development, we plan and develop roof-top and ground-mounted photovoltaic projects. Your solar power plant is in safe hands with us: let us take care of your operation and maintenance and monitoring, as well as module readings and surveys from PV specialists certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) in the event of damage. We offer tailor-made PV solutions for commercial and residential properties.

SunEnergy Europe provides PV solutions of all sizes. We are your professional partner for projects of any size, ranging from photovoltaic systems for residential properties (with the option of on-site consumption or a decentralised storage system solution) and solar power plants on industrial or commercial roofs, through to large-scale, ground-mounted solar parks with a capacity of more than one megawatt.

We develop, plan and implement your PV project

As general contractors with experience in ground-mounted solar power plants, we develop, plan and realise your project from the first yield forecast and various planning phases to the very final installation stage on the construction site. Please take a look through our diverse testimonials. We offer general contractor services as well as a comprehensive range of planning services for photovoltaic systems, including preparing public tenders, feasibility studies, yield analyses, cost calculations and detailed project planning.

Our solar power plant services

Once your project has been completed, your investment with SunEnergy Europe continues to be in safe hands. We take care of the monitoring, operation and maintenance and damage management, ensuring that your solar power plant is generating a stable yield. In the event of damage, our PV experts, who are certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), will prepare surveys. Our mobile PV test centre gives us the flexibility to read PV modules on the go. We investigate possible power fluctuations and check photovoltaic modules and entire solar parks for weak points.

Tailor-made PV solutions: Simple. Quick. Reliable.

Protect yourself against the risk of rising electricity prices! SunEnergy Europe offers tailor-made PV solutions for your commercial or industrial roof in the form of a complete modular package. We develop business models and technical solutions with or without storage systems to meet your electricity demand and load profile. We also market our own intelligent Solar Home Kits via trading platforms: PV solutions for your residential property. These kits are quick and easy to install and have been designed with a high proportion of on-site consumption in mind, granting you independence from your electricity supplier and saving you money.